The People


Global Discovery School is a group of K-12 schools designed under CBSE affiliation. It opened the doors to its first school in June 2012 in Sevasi, Vadodara. In a short span, GDS schools have a footprint across India in Gujarat, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Maharashtra with several opportunities being explored in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, New Delhi, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Currently GDS has 9 schools running across the country.

The core team managing the schools is a group of NRIs, who are successful management graduates from IIM, Kellogg, Stanford, Wharton, Chicago GSM Alumni, McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Accenture Strategists holding senior positions in the corporate world, serial entrepreneurs, bankers, brand managers, architects and technologists from Fortune 500 companies including Oracle, IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, AT&T, Motorola, eBay, SAP, TIMEX, TI, VM Ware, HSBC & BP.


The Education


GDS’s education system draws its inspiration from various global education models like Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf Schools, Rocketship Education and our own Gurukul system. However, the concept of GDS has a marked distinction because it innovated ways to provide personalized education to every child. It does this in three recurring steps

  • DISCOVER your child's unique strengths and draw a trajectory for their success
  • INTERVENE by offering the right experiences and exposure to assist development of your child's strengths
  • MONITOR your child's progress to ensure that progress is indeed occurring as per plan

The educators in GDS facilities also bring a rich variety of global professional backgrounds experience and exposure rather than the routine teaching backgrounds. GDS hires and trains them thoroughly, provides them quality mentoring and continuous performance feedback to fuel their development.

The curriculum followed is a 2-layered basic CBSE curriculum that confirms to the CCE standards packaged along with a remediation layer on top of it. This remediation layer consists of "aHa packets" which are a specially choreographed learning experience designed by GDS itself for topics that are harder to teach.


The Learning Spaces and Technology


The hallmarks of GDS include innovative use of IT to closely monitor and manage its chain of schools and monitor it's vibrant method of teaching. GDS aggressively uses technology in the classrooms to teach effectively. It also teaches a lot of technology to your children.

Every GDS school offers a distinctive GDS architecture and interiors that create learning spaces to support your child's learning process. We refer to the school facilities as the third teacher (the first two being the classroom instructor and the parent).

GDS offers a top-notch international caliber of education at a price point that is within the reach of the middle-class. It offers students an opportunity to recognize their strengths and learn to play to those strengths for the rest of their lives. The school chain operates on a franchisee model and has an ever-increasing library of pedagogical content, an increasingly robust set of technologies it uses to manage its schools, a comprehensive and cutting-edge school space design blueprint, and a highly effective set of marketing campaigns that help implant a new school in a new city instantaneously.

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