We realized early on that the only way to offer individualized education that enables every child to understand and play to their strengths is through technology. We started out by charting a very ambitious blueprint to build our "Roadmap to my Dreams" platform (or "RTMD") to scale up to discover, intervene and monitor the individual education and progress of every child in our care, despite having hundreds of thousands of children enrolled at GDS' across the country, the technological edge enables us to individually focus on each child. As such, this platform represents the very heart of our operations. It will gather inputs and insights on your child from a multitude of sources, parent and teacher interviews, psychometric test results that your child takes and the progress that we see in your child's grades. RTMD will constantly monitor and course-correct on what educators and the school needs to do to ensure progressive growth and development of your child.

GDS will continue to invest in the latest education technology innovations as we truly believe they can help your children learn faster, engage them deeply in an area of interest, and provide them insights and experiences that were otherwise impossible or may be considered out of reach.

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