Global Discovery Schools very purposefully navigated towards the intelligent intellectual  capital, the capital that is passionate about education. Global Discovery Schools advisors are a fairly diverse group, coming from multiple continents, multiple professional and educational backgrounds. They include C-suite executives, lawyers, academicians, and educators that have a blue chip education and distinguished track records in their fields. Yet, they are united by one purpose - To build the best in Education schools in India.



  • Former member of the IAS – 1964 batch
  • Secretary, Human Resource Development, Govt. of India
  • Education Secretary, Himachal Pradesh
  • Held important posts like Director of Industries, Deputy Commissioner, Secretary Personnel, Finance etc.
  • Has written 15 books including a novel, short stories, poetry, plays and middles


  • An ex-Director (Academics) at CBSE associated with CBSE for over a decade.
  • He also held the position of Chief Vigilance Officer of the Board
  • Runs his own consultancy - Educational Systems and Innovations
  • Has authored several books for schools in Science & IT




  • Developmental Strategist and President at Educomp
  • 15+ years of experience in leading developmental programs across Education, Health, Social Innovation sectors in Asia
  • Served 18+ State Government’s in India on policy and system change; closely associated with key figures in the Central Government.
  • International work experience includes setting and sustaining businesses in Sri Lanka, Malaysia.
  • Masters in Developmental Psychology & Bachelors in Education and Psychology from Delhi University.


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